6 times when stars weren’t acting

6 times when stars weren’t acting

March 18, 2021

Acting, although seen as a simple profession, is extremely hard work and tiring for the stars, it definitely takes some real talent. Some of our favourite actors and actresses are just so good, to the point where they understand their character enough to improvise their role. On-screen celebrities that add their own touch to their characters, make the show much more emotional to watch, as they find a way to really connect with their audiences. Here are our 6 favourite actors/actresses who weren’t really acting in these iconic films.

1. Millie Bobby Brown as ‘Eleven’ in Stranger Things

In the iconic season finale of Stranger Things Season 3, Millie Bobby Brown who plays ‘Eleven’ or ‘Jane Hopper’, collapses into co-star Finn Wolfhard’s (who plays Mike Wheeler) arms. Millie says she was ‘extremely tired’ from filming that day and couldn’t hold herself up, so she simply fell into his arms. Finn, who was deeply concerned about his co-star, kept looking offset to the directors and questioning what he should do, which is why when you watch that scene you see Finn looking off-camera and confused. In the end, they continued filming and that scene led to an unforgettable emotional finale.

2.Daniel Radcliffe as ‘Harry Potter’ in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

In the fifth movie of one of the most popular movie franchises, Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter himself was really letting out an emotional scream. Earlier that week, Radcliffe had lost his grandmother who was one of his biggest supporters and ended up missing her funeral in order to continue filming, which he says is “what she would have wanted”. In the scene where Harry sees Sirius Black die, all of Daniel’s screams and tears were real and for his beloved grandmother. Producers decided to mute the scream out of respect for the Radcliffe family, and only the cast and workers on set have ever heard this cry. Emma Watson, a co-star who plays Hermione Granger says “It was anguishing to hear and it shook me to the core.” Most of the cast admitted to crying on the set after that scene.

3. Nina Dobrev as ‘Elena Gilbert’ in The Vampire Diaries

For context, in an episode of the famous show, The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev, was about to burn another character’s body as part of the script but ended up bursting into tears on set. Although it was scripted for her to have second thoughts and be wary about burning a body, Nina ended up truly crying as she remembered her grandfather dying in a fire and couldn’t possibly imagine setting one on someone else and have them experience that pain. Although it was just a part of the script and no one was really being burnt, our sympathetic actress just couldn’t bring herself to do it. The producers ended up loving Nina’s emotion, and with her consent, used that scene in the episode. However, if you were to look at her co-star Paul Wesley who plays Stefan Salvador, he briefly glances at the directors in complete concern. 

4. Oliver Phelps as ‘George Weasley’ in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2

In the last and final movie of Harry Potter, Oliver Phelps who plays George Weasley was really sobbing when he saw his twin James Phelps, who plays Fred Weasley, lying ‘lifeless’ on the ground. For context, in the second wizarding war, a wall was shot down and ended up killing Fred Weasley, who was both the real-life and on-screen twin of Oliver Phelps. Oliver says that his emotions were a ‘mess’ as he was tired of filming. At the same time, he just couldn’t imagine his twin brother really dead and he couldn’t help but start to cry. Although the directors didn’t notice at first, Oliver revealed in an interview that his tears were 100% real and he could never imagine his life without James. 

5. KJ Apa as ‘Archie Andrews’ in Riverdale

The late Luke Perry (Fred Andrews) was cast alongside KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) as one of the main characters on the Netflix Original, Riverdale. Unfortunately in 2019, Luke tragically died at the age of 52 from a stroke, and his friends and family were left heartbroken. At that time, Riverdale was still in the middle of filming and they could not stop the show. Due to this, an on-set funeral was held in honour of the actor, which then became one of the main plots in the show. During this live funeral, all of the sadness and tears shed by the other stars were completely real, as they continued to mourn one of their own. The entire cast and crew agree that “they were more of a ‘family, rather than just co-stars,” and the atmosphere on the set was just “full of love”. 

6. Isla Fisher as ‘Henley Reeves in Now You See Me

One of the most iconic scenes in film to this day is in the movie Now You See Me, which stars Isla Fisher as Henley Reeves (Escape Artist) in a tank full of water as a ‘magic trick’ she performs at the beginning of the film before becoming one of the “Four Horsemen”. In this unforgettable performance, Isla was scripted to pretend to be stuck in the tank with handcuffs and to try to escape, but in reality, Isla was actually stuck and unable to breathe. The directors and crew on set were blown away by her performance and believed that Isla was just an amazing actress, which she is, but really Isla, who performs her own stunts, was truly stuck and was almost about to drown. The water tank had a panic button on the top in the event that anything went wrong, but since the chains that were wrapped around Isla’s ankles were tangled, it was impossible to reach. Isla also claims that she was unable to signal the emergency diver to come and help her, so she was forced to hold her breath for more than two and a half minutes! Isla was then able to free herself and escape out of the tank but the original tape was still used in parts of the film. Normally, a near-death experience like this one would stop an actress like Isla Fisher from continuing to perform her own stunts, but nothing has ever stopped this unbelievable star.



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