Watching sports, can it help during the pandemic?

January 21, 2021

As a new year arrives and the pandemic continues, watching sports can help bring everyone together even abiding by the social distancing rules. 

The return of the NBA and the soon to be a resumption of the NHL has many sports fans cheering, especially in this time when everyone needs something to get excited about. Now as many have packed up the Christmas trees, and moved on from the New Years’ celebration everyone is in need of a new source of excitement. 

For years now, sports have served as a distraction to the challenges of daily life. Now they give a sense of normalcy and togetherness, in a time with so many changes and stress. Even during these uncertain times, many people look forward to a time when all can sit together and cheer for their favourite team. 

For hockey fans the puck will drop on Jan. 13 and teams will play 56 games with the regular season ending on May 8. While basketball fans have already gotten the chance to begin watching their star players play, which started Tuesday, Dec. 22, and features 72 games for each team. 

However, cheering these teams this year will not look the same. Audiences and fans will not be able to be seated live in the stadium during the game, but rather seated at the comforts of their home. 

So while restrictions may make it difficult for family, and friends to gather and party. All can still cheer their favourite teams on together, even if it’s at home, with a Zoom call.

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