Abstract: The Art of Design, an in-depth look into careers within the arts

Interested in design careers or just a curious person? Watch this show!

January 20, 2021

Are you interested in the different careers in the arts? This is a show that should be on your Watchlist.  Abstract: The Art of Design takes a look into the vast amounts of careers that people have in design, and what exactly their job description is. The show goes into their lives as artists who they affect and how it feels to create something and why they decided to go with this career. Each episode goes into the detail of a career in design.

These careers do not just include artists and singers, but it includes distinct careers. Some of the artists include a toy designer, costume designer, bio architect and typeface designer, which are careers you usually do not hear about. The show includes many celebrated artists, including Ruth Carter, the costume designer for Black Panther. 

The show talks about the successes and errors of each career. With jobs that are specific, it’s hard to break out and actually have clients and a name within the design industry. It talks about the benefits of having a design career because loving and doing design every day, is a benefit itself.

There are about three things they interview the guest artist about.

The artist usually talks about how they got to their point in their career. For example, the costume designer started her interest in her career as a costume design person at her college and after that, she got a degree in design. The toy designer generally has a childish personality, so they had started to create toys.

The artist shows how they create their projects. There is a large, time-consuming process which is actually getting an idea and executing the plan, or there doesn’t have to be a set in a stone plan at all.  The costume designer starts her project off by just watching the clothing and uniform of people walking on the streets, and researches the time and the topic of the costume that she needs to create.

The show goes into who they affect. These careers impact and interact with people. How does what they do make an influence in the world and how does it affect them individually?

Even not being interested in a career in design is not needed to enjoy this show, all you need is a curious mind because it explains a lot about the art and design industry. The show being documented is this array of artists that have different minds and habits and that’s what makes them special and worth watching.




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