The youth has impacted fashion

Marco Strezos

It’s commonly understood that while kids develop hobbies, they usually grow out of them at some point in favour of something new as they get older. In the world of Gen-Z, kids at younger ages than ever before are career driven and focused on building up their skills for entrepreneurial pursuits. This trend has become more popular over the last ten years or so, likely due to the rise of social media. These creative hobbies/jobs are based around influence; for example, young designers see their favourite rapper/designer wear a cool hoodie on Instagram and take inspiration from it to develop a clothing collection of their own. This past decade, teenagers and young adults have been popping up onto the fashion scene with brands, designs, editorials, and other related media forms trying to express themselves. A gender-inclusive, fun, free-for-all world for young creatives regardless of age or creative background.

When it comes to young fashion designers and artists, a prime example is someone whom you’ve probably seen on your Instagram feed at least once in your life. Harlow Cockrell (b.k.a. Mister Dove) is an 14-year-old American-based teen who’s the son of Kim Schraub, she worked for YEEZY for 8 years, but rumours have circulating that she’s been working at SKIMS and YEEZY. He’s been spotted hanging with idols like Kanye West, Chris Brown, Takashi Murakami, and the list goes on. He’s currently launching his brand “Dove”, which will be making its debut in 2021. So far, his most notable project is with ‘KIDS SUPPLY,’ a children’s collection designed by Kanye West’s YEEZY imprint. He was the leading designer of a series of pieces that featured hand-drawn flips of the popular Lamborghini crest motif and several personal drawings. He also teamed up with YEEZY to personalize children’s sized Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Cream” with more hand-drawn graphics.

Harlow pictured with Kanye West at the 2019 Kardashian-Jenner-West Christmas Party (@mister_dove)

Harlow first got into fashion back in 2017; he specified his main influences: “Raf Simons or Takahiro Miyashita when it comes to being raw and free with what I do.” When it comes to his age group influencing the fashion scene, he doesn’t think that in his opinion going on to say “I don’t know if it has. I mean everything is always changing. Well, I mean, Ian Connor has done more than a lot for the culture.” He feels that fashion styling, designing, etc. have helped him progress into where he is today by exclaiming it’s “Just a way to express yourself.” The simple but powerful piece of advice for kids getting into this world is to “Stay raw and do you.”

Overall, the generations of fashion will rapidly evolve when it comes to the scene and era of time, it’s best to let the fashionable youth take control and make the industry better and better as time goes. Thank you, Harlow, for the interview. You can check out his Instagram @mister_dove.