Relaxing things to do while watching TV

December 11, 2020

It’s the time of year again where everyone feels busy all the time, not as much this year, but catching up on doing things before the year ends and while having entertainment can feel fulfilling, everyone doesn’t have as much time to just do that by itself.

When you are doing activities with shows make sure to pick shows that are light and you do not need to pay too much attention to. Otherwise, you end up not doing well and focus on watching TV more and get nothing done. Nothing too interesting!

01. Painting

You do not have to be an expert. The experience of painting can be cathartic and alleviating. The end product does not matter unless you are specifically planning on painting something. Start with a blank mind and take it slow. Don’t keep your expectations too high if you aren’t an experienced artist. Painting can be for you and just yourself. Painting can reveal a lot about our emotions and how people feel. It can be digital art, sketching or traditional painting, a brush and a canvas. There are so many versions of creating art, so picking one and sticking to it will serve you well.  A suggestion for a cool show to watch while painting is Tuca and Bertie, a show about two animated birds best friends living in their 20’s, the animations are really cool which might help inspire you to paint.

02. Journaling

As the new year approaches, open up some time to reflect on this year. Reflecting on growth from this year… hint… the pandemic. Anything that comes to your mind and figuring out what you plan to do next year. Just writing it down, it can literally be doodling on the side of your page. Open a new document on a google doc and talk about your life. The best part is it can just be random, there’s no end goal. A funny recommendation to watch while you journal is Schitt’s Creek, the humourous show about a millionaire family that just lost all their assets but the only thing left is a town they bought as joke years ago which they end up living in. With the quirky characters, the show will bring you tons of giggles while journaling.

03. Gaming

Whether you’re playing on your phone or a computer. Gaming is always fun and encourages you to be creative and aware. Minecraft or Among Us are popular games that are both available on phone or PC. The intention is to have fun and do whatever you want, whether if you want the highest score, or just fooling around with people in-game lobbies. Gaming is free and easy. A fun show to watch while gaming is New Girl, a show about 4 roommates living in loft in California, living out their careers and love lives during their 30’s.



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