Women making a splash in sports

December 16, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, women have begun to make history in sports, moving into executive and coaching positions in a male dominated sports world.

Although this year has been a grueling year, fortunately people were able to still continue to watch sports on their screens at home. Due to covid there were many irregular variables to the major leagues, however it didn’t stop the joy that sports had brought to people, it may have helped them get through the insanely boring times of quarantine. Along with the return of sports to the television, have come major triumphs for women in sports. 

In early November, the Miami Marlins baseball team named Kim Ng as their general manager. This is the first ever time a woman is going to run a team, not only in baseball but in all North American Professional Leagues. The long awaited decision is a step in the right direction as Ng worked hard for many years to get to the position she is in.

 She played softball in college, however after college, she began an internship with the Chicago White Sox’s and moved around to teams during her career. She has been with many different teams, and in many different positions, but her becoming general manager is very different, Ng no longer has to work under anyone, she is in charge of the team. Kim Ng was named the 6th most influential women in sports, proving her outstanding efforts in the MLB.

Although what she has done is very impressive, it isn’t the awards or lists, it is the hope she gave all little girls out there, aspiring to do the things she has done. Until now, there was no proof that a woman could run a major sports team, making girls feel like that isn’t a realistic job, but Ng has proved everyone wrong. Hopefully, under Kim Ng’s supervision the Miami Marlins will have a successful season.

Not only has one lady changed sports history, but recently Kendall Coyne Schofield has been named the player development coach of the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks. This amazing news also follows her groundbreaking entrance into NHL all stars competition last year, where she amazed all fans watching. 

Schofield hopes her career with the Chicago Blackhawks will lead her to a general manager position. Since she has been hired as player development coach, the Chicago Blackhawks now have three women working in their operations department. Although it does not seem like a lot of women compared to the amount of men working in hockey, there is no denying that they are taking steps in the right direction.

As the years go on, the fear of women in power positions, especially in sports is starting to dwindle, many have realized that their contributions can help make the games more successful, entertaining and all around better. As the 2020-2021 season commences for all major league sports, the fans give their best wishes to all women in sports and hope that their success will open more doors for them and for women all over the world.

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