Bojack Horseman - a show people should watch

Bojack Horseman – a show people should watch

December 2, 2020

The animated show, placed in Los Angeles, narrates the story of a depressed and washed up horse TV star from a show in the 90’s called ‘Horsin Around’. The main character, Bojack, goes through his everyday life and his endeavors as a mentally ill and middle aged horseman. The show uses anthropomorphism which is a term basically meaning that the characters have human traits and can also be an animal. Most of the characters are human though.

His character is extremely complicated and very pessimistic towards everyone. He believes that everyone is bad and selfish to cope with the fact that he’s a horrible human being to the people around him.  In season 1, he emphasizes the fact that he won’t be a good person ever because he feels so self-aware of his self-destructive behaviors and he believes that everyone just hides the fact that they’re just like him. His substance abuse is constant and he doesn’t recognize it. Bojack lives in a mansion in Hollywood, financially he’s stable, mentally he is not.

The first season introduces lots of Bojack’s acquaintances and friends. The season starts off when Bojack is approached by a publishing company in need for a book about his life. They send out a ghostwriter named Diane, a stubborn and closed off intellectual, to write his story for him and it starts off with a series of interviews about his acting career, with much difficulty since Bojack is an emotional wreck and not a very likable person at that point. Todd, an accidental roommate who just crashed there from a party years ago, a younger outgoing and childish eccentric. Mr, Peanutbutter, Diane’s husband and Bojack’s enemy because he coincidentally had a competing show in the 90’s with a similar concept. His animal-human character is a human-dog and like dogs hi personality is based around positivity and always feeling amazing.  Those are just a few of the frenzied characters this show has.

The brighter and the sillier and the cartoonier we went, the more the audience was willing to go with us to these very melancholy places.”

— Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Creator of Bojack Horseman

The sitcom dives into a lot of anthropological and moral issues that everyone faces in one way or another. The show also includes lots of progressive issues such as the #MeToo movement and an accurate description of mental illness. A majority of the characters on the show have a mental illness, and the implications of mental illness are shown. The show is quite veracious. It’s not always supposed to be dark and depressing, but there are depressing undertones because the characters open up more about themselves. This is just another reason people love the show because it can give a realistic expectation of how life works for a lot of people.

The sitcom uses satire in things about Hollywood culture that are hilariously witty and exposes the culture in L.A. .

The show is for adults and rated R, however, if you are mature, and can understand the show and truly take it all in then this is a show for you to watch. Truthfully, the show’s message is relevant to the time we live in.







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