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6 indoor plants you need this winter

November 23, 2020

With frosty temperatures and Christmas just around the corner, indoor plants are ideal for keeping a home looking stylish and in season.
Many of these plants- ranging from modern, hard to kill, non-flowering plants to flowers that bloom in chilly weather- they are great for winters and all year round.

01.   Florist Kalanchoe

The first plant on the list is the Florist Kalanchoe. Also known as the “Christmas” Kalanchoe, this plant is a popular succulent that is easy to grow and hard to kill; ideal for first-time plant owners. It comes in different colours and can bloom any time of the year, and may bloom on the darkest winter days, but it’s typical blooming period is late winter to late spring.

02.   Chinese Money Plant

Although the Chinese Money Plant looks like a standard green-leafed plant, with the right environment, it can sprout mini flowers on pink stems. Lower temperatures make the mini flowers more likely to appear, plus they are said to be winter hardy until the freezing point. The Chinese Money Plant is perfect for winter, just like it is any time of the year. Other than being a bit pricey, it is easy to maintain.


03.   Schlumbergera

The Schlumbergera, also called the Christmas cactus, is a lesser-known “Christmas” plant but nevertheless as beautiful. Ironically, they are tropical plants, but colder temperatures can force bloom. Being a tropical plant, they need a little extra care in winter. When properly cared for, they can live for about 20 to 30 years.




04.   Snake Plant

The Snake Plant has been a stylishly well-known house plant species for many years, perfect for any season. Made for anyone from beginners to experts, this plant is very tough to kill since it can withstand drought, low light, and neglect. The versatility and style of this plant are what makes it very attractive to someone with a brown thumb.

05.   Maidenhair Fern

Specific types of ferns, like the Maidenhair, are winter-hardy perennials, meaning they regrow back every year. The Maidenhair fern can survive in temperatures down to -10 degrees without losing its leaves. Needless to say, the fern can still brighten up a dull room. They thrive best in moist and high humidity, so be prepared to provide mist every day if the fern is in an indoor setting.


06.   Poinsettia

Last but not least, the famous Poinsettia. Seen as decorations on the tree or a gift to others, the Poinsettia is commonly associated with Christmas. However, it is native to Mexico and despises the cold! With the right care, a Poinsettia can often stay red and healthy for months. Its beautiful red leaves give pizzaz and warmth to any home during the winter as well as get people into the Christmas and winter spirit.

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