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How fashion has turned into an art medium

November 16, 2020

When one person thinks of the word “art”, they usually think of sculptures, paintings, or artists, but no one ever thinks about the art of fashion and how clothing has become an art medium. I’ve personally been in the fashion community since 2015 and personally, it has changed drastically through the half-decade. It’s gotten to be more widely accepted as an art medium like a canvas. Nowadays, a modern artist can paint on a hoodie then market it as a one of a kind artifact, and collectors are willing to pay hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars depending on the artist.

Within the 5 years I’ve been in this community, a lot of consignment resale stores of highly-coveted brands such as Supreme, Bape, Anti Social Social Club, and lots more have been opening up for business all around the world, and they’ve been selling clothing/sneakers/accessories for a high price, take any Supreme novelty accessory or hoodie, they’re now highly considered pieces of art within the last few years due to international auction houses like Sotheby’s and Heritage Auctions putting them up for auction and selling for skyrocketed prices.

I wanted to get more insight on this fashionable art scene if you must say.. I interviewed my good friend Gabriella “Gaby” Gitman, who’s one of the co-founder’s and co-owner’s of OD Toronto, Toronto’s #1 consignment store for sneakers, clothing and accessories and asked her about this confusing subject.

Hey Gaby, thank you so much for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule for this interview, so first and foremost I wanted to get your opinion about fashion becoming an art medium, could you elaborate?

Gaby: I think it’s great because fashion has always been a fun way to express yourself. Just like with any art, you can express yourself by the style and colours you’re wearing. Your outfit can be like a painting if you want it to.”

OD Toronto (@odtoronto)

Interesting… How did you take fashion as an art medium to your own advantage and what has been the outcome?

Gaby: “We (OD) use different forms of art to inspire and execute our collections at OD. We paint, sketch, and use all kinds of different programs so that we can visualize a final product before it’s made.”

Oh wow! Sounds like fun! How do you think fashion has changed the world for art?

Gaby: “It opened the doors for artists to start venturing into the world of fashion and create wearable art.”

I can agree 100%, when did you first discover fashion being an art medium and how did you take it into your advantage?

Gaby: “Not too sure… I used to paint when I was younger but I think only after college I started getting more into painting and designing because I had the time.”

Oh ok! Evolution of sorts. How do you think fashion is looked upon as an art medium with the older generation of people who think art is just painting on a canvas?

Gaby: “I’m not too sure. But what I do know is that some people will find what you’re wearing stupid or whatever and some will find it absolutely genius and want 10 in every colour. Fashion is just like art, some people will get it and some people won’t and that’s kind of the beauty in it.”

That’s true! Why do people think fashion isn’t an art medium?

Gaby: “I’m not sure but if I wanted to convince someone fashion was an art medium I’d tell them to go take a tour at OD.”

Nice promo, everyone should visit! How has the market changed for modern art ever since artists have been turning to clothing as a medium?

Gaby: “It’s cool because now people get to wear the art that all these different artists are creating. The art is not just stuck in your house anymore. For example you can wear a sneaker that’s designed by KAWS and enjoy it outside in the world.”

Yeah it’s wonderful how artists are creating to make people enjoy the product. Final question I have for you is: Do you think in the future (15-20 years) fashion will still be an art medium?

Gaby: “Yes. Fashion I think is getting better and better.”

From that fun little interview with Gaby, I’ve definitely learned a lot of key facts and points about this art medium that we call fashion! At the end of the day, you can interpret fashion how you want, just as long as you enjoy what you wear, you’ll be head above heels! If you’re ever in the downtown area, make sure you check out OD Toronto on 273 Queen St. W! Everybody is friendly and will help you with all your fashion needs. 

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