Hybrid Phys Ed. model at King: hit or miss?

November 16, 2020

COVID-19 may have had a harsh impact on the lives of students at King, however many subjects have adjusted well to the hybrid and online model. How are physical education classes adapting to the new model of education? As students participate in physical education classes in the hybrid model at King, many have questions about how they are being  taught as it is a subject that involves so much contact and movement.

COVID-19 naturally has caused new requirements at school, some of which include social distancing, masks, and frequent hand washing. A typical phys ed class involves contact sports such as soccer, basketball, flag football, and more. These sports had to be adjusted to fit the new requirement of COVID-19. That meant, socially distanced soccer, or socially distanced walks. These new ‘socially distanced’ gym classes have been  a huge adjustment for many students at King who were used to the typical class of contact sports. 

Mahek S, a ninth-grader at R.H. King not only had to adjust to the new gym classes but also had to adjust to a new school entirely.

 “Since we social distance, doing physical activity is a little difficult as well as abiding social distancing rules when we are playing sports,” says Mahek. 

“ It’s been fun doing new things and being able to explore new ways to workout such as going to the weight room where we were able to use the different machines. The online aspect is more so learning and exploring what type of physical activity is good for you. We use journals to keep track of how we feel about the exercises given.” 

Online physical education classes are  being questioned, however, the curriculum for this course  doesn’t only include physical workouts and activities, but also health studies and many other learning activities. 

R.H. King’s quick adjustment to the hybrid model and the other requirements enforced by COVID-19 has not only made the life of students more comfortable but has set them up for success during these times where healthy living is key.

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