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Students look up to their teachers for advice, knowledge and support.

What makes a good teacher? A student perspective

May 16, 2020

Sometimes it is good to take a break and reflect on the people who have shaped us into the people we are today. I have heard people thank their family, friends and peers for their success, but not so many teachers. In my opinion, teachers are the backbone of our success but are also unfortunately underrated. What really makes a good teacher? Honestly, I think there are three major areas: passion, patience, and being a good role model. To start off, passion for teaching is important which includes the willingness to go the extra mile in providing extra help. Passion for your work is a requirement in every field, but essential in the teaching profession. The love teachers have for the course usually transfers to the students. This passion keeps students interested and willing to learn, in that they tend to not have too many side discussions or get distracted.
It is greatly beneficial for students when they are able to the get extra help they need after classes to clear up important concepts. If a teacher does not care or does not make the effort, their students will not either.
The teachers who stay back to provide help are always appreciated for their hard work, and we are grateful to the teachers at King who are always willing to help. There are multiple teachers here who always try to stay back after school to help students, especially in the math and science departments. The science department also allows students to come in at lunch for extra help. Patience is key here. Teachers should also have the patience to listen to their students’ questions and take the time to answer them to the best of their ability.
Sometimes students feel anxious when asking teachers questions because they feel like their teacher will feel annoyed or lose their patience and yell at them for not understanding concepts the first time. Raysa Khandaker, a grade 11 student at King strongly believes that patience is one of the most important qualities of a teacher.
“I think when you’re patient as a teacher, students feel more open to talk, feel more comfortable in class and willing to learn. In my opinion, Ms. Franco is one of the most patient teachers at King. She would pay special attention to us when teaching a new concept. My classmates and I always felt good about going to her French class because we knew that our concerns would always be addressed and recognized. Thank you, Ms. Franco, for your support!”
Lastly, I hope while reading this you have thought of that one teacher who meets all these qualities and guides you in the way a teacher should. If I have been successful in reminding you of any such teachers, please go thank them for their support.
The final aspect of being an excellent teacher in the eyes of students is to have the ability to be a positive role model.
Students look up to their teachers every day, not just for what they say but also for their actions, which students soak up like sponges. Sometimes teachers provide you with a different perspective on subjects that you did not expect them to.
Mr. Wilkinson, a teacher at King and the publisher of the Kingsley Voice, shared his perspective on life that every student and teacher should try to follow. He explained that you should look at everything as an opportunity instead of something you have to do.
He says that it changes your perspective on life and helps you be more happy and satisfied. Getting to see a new perspective, be it in life or anything else, is always important for students as it expands your thinking. Thank you, Mr. Wilkinson, for all your support!

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